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Change? In Red Lake?

Posted on February 8, 2012 at 3:55 PM

Can Red Lake change? Should Red Lake change? How? Who should decide? What should drive change, and what methods should we use?

I have heard all of the following complaints about Red Lake:

  • There is nothing to do here but drink. 
  • The mine doesn’t invest enough in the community. 
  • People are too nosy about their neighbour’s business. 
  • People are too isolated and they ignore each other. 
  • It’s impossible to find volunteers for charity work. 
  • There is too much money in Red Lake. 
  • No one wants to work for a living. 
  • Drugs are the problem. 
  • Alcoholism is the problem. 

So it seems that some change is necessary. So how will Red Lake be transformed? A town is not made up of streets and houses and workplaces. It is made up of people. So if we want to transform a town, we must first transform people.

And how are people transformed? Transformation takes place from the inside out. The key of that transformation is the work that God does. When we talk about transforming an antique piece of furniture, we think in restoring terms. We take the drawers out. We scrape off the old flaky paint, and strip off the old finish underneath. We sand out the scratches, fill the holes, and sand it all smooth. We purchase quality varnish. We apply the varnish carefully. We hand rub the varnish, and produce a gloss. We put it all back together and say, “Transformation!”

God doesn’t transform by recycling old components. God speaks in much more fundamental terms when it comes to transformation. His transformation is so radical and so powerful that God views it as a birth. He doesn’t take something old, and paint it so it looks new. He takes something old, and plants a seed in it that grows into something new. “You must be born again.” In other words, you must start as an infant. You must take that first breath-again. You must experience a new life, just as a baby experiences a completely different life than he or she had in the womb. You must eat new food. You must learn new skills. You must learn to feel and think. You must learn how to handle freedom. The Bible is clear that without a new birth, we are dead. There is no hope for eternal life without new life. Jesus invited Nicodemus into a vision of the kingdom of heaven, into the power of the kingdom of heaven, and into the guiltlessness of the kingdom of heaven. His invitation was through a birth. (John 3) Jesus offered a radical transformation, not a new coat of paint.

This is the transformation that transforms a town. When people are renewed and revived by God they have a powerful depth to effect change in the world around them. That is the force that will change Red Lake. Good political leadership is necessary, but it is not the prime agent of change. Transformed people are the agents of change.

Still learning… Pastor Keith

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Reply Kendra
7:21 AM on February 9, 2012 
Hi Keith-
It looks like you don't get many comments on your posts, so I thought I'd leave one today. =) I know I'm not a Red Laker any more, but I do enjoy reading your posts and find them thought-provoking and challenging.
Blessings to you today!
Reply Administrator
10:54 AM on February 17, 2012 
Kendra: thanks for the comment. The posts sure are thought provoking to write! :)