Grace Community Church

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It is our goal for the Grace Community Church to be a place that is effective in furthering the kingdom of God and, therefore, a pleasure for you to partner with financially.

We are financially responsible and are transparent with our budget with our members.

We serve the poor and needy, the fatherless, and the widows, as are clear priorities to God outlined in Scripture. 
We often partner with other local churches as we work to accomplish this. 

We work to personally spread the message of Jesus and to help others develop and spread their own love and knowledge of God through all the different ways and special abilities from the Holy Spirit.  

We balance our kingdom investments locally with giving around the world. We support local everyday working missionaries as well as missionaries serving abroad.

We balance having quality assets with quality relationships and programs. 

We certainly do our best with what we have for resources in people, buildings, finances, etc. We have an active church family full of active individual volunteers.

You can Etrans your giving to:

*Unless otherwise specified by the donor, contributions will be allocated to the offering of the week received between that Sunday and the previous Monday.

*For non-regular givers, please include your name and mailing address if you would like tax-deductible receipt at the end of year

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